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Languages:  Czech, German, English, Spanish, Russian
Aim:  perfect vision, perfect appearance
Product:  Glasses for distance
   Children glasses
   Multifocal glasses
   Swimming goggles with your prescription
   Sunglasses with your prescription
   Reading glasses
   Working glasses
   Sport glasses
Services:  Visual guidance
   Binokular balance
   Measuring glasses
   Compatibility guarantee
   Stylistic and typological consulting
Optometric measurement:  According to DIN standard
   Binocular measurements criteria Hasse-IVBV
Centering:   With an accuracy of 0,1 mm - Relaxed Vision
Technique:   POLATEST - ZEISS
   ZEISS - Relaxed Vision
   Bon Multivisus
   Huvitz HRK 8000
Frames:  Titanium, Carbon, stainless steel, 18ct gold 
   Custom made
   from 1,9 g weight
Time:  1-2 hours assesment time for accurate evaluation of visual, stylistic and technical needs
  aproximately 1-3 week time to make your new glasses